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Contributing to sustainable fashion, it has been since 1986 that Baie des Caps applies to it

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I/ We have put in place a recovery program for used clothing, to give them a second life and reduce our environmental impact. You can bring all your clothes Baie des Caps used, washed, ironed and with pockets, in one of our participating shops.

II/ Our team checks the state of your clothes. If the clothes respect our quality charter, you get a voucher valid for 1 year in store and on our website, for the purchase of new or used clothing. To learn more about the recovery conditions and the proposed rates, see our tariff grid.

III/ If some parts cannot be taken, we will send them directly into recycling. We believe it is important to take care of our planet and we are committed to a sustainable development approach. This is why we encourage our customers to recycle their used clothing and bring them back to the store so that they can be reused or recycled responsibly.

IV/ If you have any questions about our recovery program or our sustainable development approach, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or to go to the store. Are you wondering what are the repetition criteria? Find everything here : CONDITIONS OF REPRISES

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  • What's the second hand ?

    The second hand means products that have already been used or owned by someone else, but that are still in good condition and can be purchased again.

  • Where can I find second hand products Baie des Caps ? ?

    You can find second hand products from Baie des Caps in our physical store located at 13 Rue du Colonel Pléven, 22650 Beaussé-sur-Mer. However, you can also buy them online on our website.

  • Can I exchange or return second-hand products purchased online or in-store ?

    No, the second hand products we offer have already been used and therefore cannot be considered new. However, we encourage you to carefully review the product description and photos before placing your order. If you have any questions about a particular product, do not hesitate to contact us or go directly to the shop before making your purchase.

  • How are the second-hand products offered by Baie des Caps ? ?

    All the second-hand products we offer are carefully reviewed by our workshop to ensure that they are in good condition. We provide you with a small table that will let you know whether your product can be recovered or not. [Conditions de reprise]

  • How can I sell my second hand products to Baie des Caps ? ?

    If you wish to sell second hand products to Baie des Caps, you can bring them in store at 13 Rue du Colonel Pléven, 22650 Beaussé-sur-Mer. We look at each proposal carefully and choose only the products that correspond to our quality policy.

  • Is it Baie des Caps all second hand products ?

    We agree to resume some second hand products according to their condition and quality. You can refer to the recovery table available on our website to see the conditions under which we take back the different types of products. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase.

  • How can I be sure to find quality second hand products at home Baie des Caps ??

    We wish to assure our customers that all our second-hand products were carefully examined by our workshop before being put on sale. We also take detailed photos of each product so that you can see the state and characteristics of each item. In addition, we promote the takeover in store to touch and inspect the products ourselves before offering them to you. This ensures the quality of each item, especially with respect to any waste or degradation.

  • I'd like to give my sweater Baie des Caps against a voucher but it is too worn, how is it going ?

    We have put in place a recycling program for used products, to give them a second life and reduce our environmental impact. You can bring us your used products Baie des Caps in store, even if they're in bad condition. We will offer you a voucher in return.

Baie des Caps l'artisan du pull marin

We manufacture our products so that they last in time, and this durability makes them accessible.

Quality should not be reserved for an elite, which is why we chose to making our production accessible everyone.

Our approach is based on ethical and responsible production, in a 100% French manufacturing workshop.
Although we are the smallest workshop in France, it does not prevent us from being engaged and invested in our mission.
We are convinced that it is important to promoting sustainability and accessibility of our products, while supporting french crafts.

Each second-hand product has a history of quality and durability.

That's why we are proud of offer second hand products made in France, and at an accessible price.

- Attractive prices: Second hand items are often sold at far lower prices than those of new items, thus enabling substantial savings on the dress budget

- Best price: Second hand items have often been worn and washed several times, allowing customers to check their quality and durability before buying them.

- Unique and original articles: Second hand items often have original designs and styles, which are no longer available in traditional fashion stores.

- A contribution to environmental sustainability: The purchase of second-hand items reduces demand for new items, which contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing production and textile waste.

- An energy saving: The purchase of used clothing reduces energy consumption required for the production of new clothing, which contributes to the preservation of the environment.

- A contribution to social responsibility: The purchase of used clothing can also contribute to social responsibility by supporting local initiatives such as friperies or charities.

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We have developed one transparent and equitable tariff grid, which takes into account the quality and status of each item.

Our prices are therefore adjusted according to the general condition of the product and its level of wear, in order to guarantee you an economical and quality purchase.
We have also put in place a recovery program for your old items, so you can exchange your used products against purchase vouchers to use on our website or in store.
To consult our recovery rate grid, click here. .

We are convinced that you will find at home Baie des Caps second-hand items that will meet your quality and price expectations.