Baie des Caps

Ethical and sustainable fashion Made in France

Our commitments

Home Baie des Caps, we are convinced that ethical and sustainable fashion must be accessible to all. That is why we chose to produce our clothes in France, with noble and durable materials.

Pull Marin Baie des Caps

French know-how

The sweaters we buy are a reflection of our personality. Because everyone deserves the best of French know-how, the mission of Baie des Caps it is to create and knit sweaters carefully to dress the largest number in a timeless style.

Quality of materials

The raw materials play an essential role in the quality and durability of our products. Home Baie des Caps, we pay particular attention to the selection of materials to guarantee superior clothing.

Bobine de laine
gros plan maille pull marin

Environment and recycling

Finally, it is important to mention that we are committed to the environment using ecological materials and following environmentally friendly production processes. And because our raw material is a noble material, cutting waste is transported to other filters to be recycled. Recoverable knitted panels are given to local partners (sociative or entrepreneurial) for clothing.

Nothing gets lost!

Made in France

Buy Baie des Caps, it is to buy made in France, sustainable and ethical. Choose Baie des Caps, it is opting for a sustainable and responsible fashion, Made in France.

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