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Sea jackets for your children, made in Brittany

You just bought one sailor sweater to your child but the weather is spoiling and temperatures are falling. So spit for our Made in France vests that will complete the Breton look of your children while keeping them warm. Our vests are made from A to Z in our workshop in Ploubalay, a small town near the sea in the coast of Armor (22). They are handmade like all our products and during the manufacturing process our employees carefully analyze the product at each stage in order to provide you with a high quality product without any defects. We are proud to be able to convey our know-how through these clothes, and we are even more aware that we have retained the same know-how and values since the creation of the company.

The choice of Breton vest for your children

We have two vests that will suit your children, the Gwenn vest and the Borneo vest. The Gwenn vest has a hood and a zipper which will allow your child to be protected from rain when he leaves out for fun or to go to the conquest of unexplored ruins. It also has kangaroo pockets in which it can store shells found on the beach during your family outings on the coast. 3 colors are available for this sweater, navy blue, navy blue with ecru stripes and navy blue with red stripes. Its wide cut will allow your children to be completely free in their movements. In addition, it is made from 50% of merino wool and 50% acrylic. Soft and hot it is the perfect travel companion.

The perfect Breton vest for girls

Conversely the ideal Borneo vest for girls, has no hood and closes with buttons. It has patched pockets and its round neck is slightly pointed towards the beginning of the buttonhole. Its straight cut will give a slight touch of chic to the outfit of your child, while leaving him free from his movements. It is also available in 3 colours: navy blue, pale pink and fushia. This timeless vest will keep your children warm during ballads thanks to its thick knits that make it a very resistant vest and a safe value.

Care tips for baby jackets from your children

And since risk 0 does not happen with the children and a task quickly happens when they have fun, we advise you to switch your vest to the machine but following the following advice. These vests are in 50% of Merino wool, they need to be washed in 30° machine in wool programme with a maximum winding of 800 laps. To dry it, put it on a flat surface and not burning. Don't put it in the dryer. If you respect these tips, then your child's vest will have beautiful years ahead of him and will be able to accompany them in all their adventures.