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Jackets and vests for men

Thanks to the skills of our team, Baie des Caps also offers men's jackets.

We realize several models: jacket Cambridge pure wool who wants hot, thick and casual. The vest navy blue V neck pure virgin wool, a sure classic, chic and easy to wear. All our products are made with the utmost care in our workshop located in Ploubalay.

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Manufacture of men's jackets and vests

Each vest, every Cambridge jacket, is the fruit of a work of a great quality. I 'm sorry . The wool that we use is at the height of our team's know-how, we favour quality. Your vest and jacket won't blow up and keep all their outfits. Our v neck jacket is available in comfort fit in marine blue color, its honey is tightened, and the wool used ensures elasticity and comfort.

The vest will adapt and take the contours of your morphology. We offer sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, for special tailor-made requests you can contact us by phone or email. Our mission is to satisfy our customers, we will be happy to be able to meet your needs. For a style casual opt for the jacket man Cambridge. Featuring a honey 1x1 and reinforcements in rich mesh is the thick jacket home Baie des Caps. It is a pure wool jacket with a central zip that will allow you optimal comfort. Finished the constraints of “I’m too hot” or “I’m too cold”, you can easily adapt to various situations. The Cambridge jacket is available from XS to 3XL in marine blue.

When you order on our site we guarantee a shipment within 24 hours, the returns are free and the delivery offered from €10.00 purchase.

How do you wear men's jackets and vests?

Hurry up ! The cardigans and vests are back in male dressings of all generations.

Our jacket thick mesh, such as the Cambridge jacket, is ideal to wear with a jeans, a colored shirt and boots for a gentleman look Farmer.

Our man vest fine mesh is more discreet when worn with a white shirt and chino pants.

For a more casual outfit zipped vests, with or without hood, are quite indicated. They marry very well with a jeans and a pair of sneakers, as well as an original T-shirt, with motifs or a message.

Thanks to this diversity of choice, jackets and vests are suitable for all styles, ages and opportunities.

Maintenance advice for your wool parts

Wool clothing is renowned for its softness, warmth and durability. However, they require special care to maintain their original quality. Here are some recommendations to keep your jackets and jackets in wool Baie des Caps :

  • Hand wash recommended : To preserve the softness and integrity of wool, it is advisable to wash your pieces by hand. Use ambient temperature water and mild detergent to avoid damaging wool fibres.
  • If machine, then carefully : If you opt for machine wash, select a delicate cycle and cold wash at a maximum of 400 rpm. This gentle method will preserve the structure of your garment.
  • Use a special wool laundry : There are laundry specifically formulated for wool. These products are generally softer and respect delicate fibers, thus ensuring the longevity of your jacket or vest.
  • No dryer : The heat and agitation of the dryer can shrink or distort your wool piece. Instead, dry flat in the open air, away from direct heat sources and the sun.
  • Avoid softeners : These products can alter the quality of wool, making fibres less resilient. Opt for cold water rinsing to keep the natural softness of your vest or jacket.
  • Careful storage : To avoid stretching or deformation, put your jacket or vest by folding it rather than hanging it. This keeps its original form

Thanks to the autonettoizing properties of wool, you do not need to wash your sweater after each use. In general, just have your sweater between the ports. Wash once a month if you wear it regularly, or after 5-6 uses.

By following these maintenance tips, your wool parts Baie des Caps will remain beautiful and soft for a long time.

After-sales service: continuous support

We understand that sometimes, despite the greatest care, accidents can occur. A lost button or a broken zipper may seem to be the end of your vest or favourite jacket. But at home Baie des Caps, we don't leave you in embarrassment. Thanks to our expertise as manufacturers, we offer a shop repair service for your wool parts.

That you bought your clothes last week or years ago, if something happens to him, just bring him back. Our dedicated team will ensure that it restores its original splendour. This is our way of showing how we value sustainability and attachment to our products. A garment Baie des Caps is not only a purchase, it is an investment in quality and style. We're here to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

This service underlines our commitment to our customers and our planet, extending the life of your favorite parts and reducing waste. With Baie des Caps, you do not simply buy a garment, you enter into a long-term relationship based on trust and attention to detail.

Adopt the distinctive style of Baie des Caps

Our men's wool vests and jackets have timeless cuts and style. Combine the Cambridge jacket with a sober jeans, an elegant shirt and boots for a harmonious set. For a more casual look, our fine wool vests blend perfectly with a white shirt and a chino. Our pieces adapt to all your desires.

Laine: Vertus, Durability and Maintenance

Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries to make clothing. It is not only aesthetic, but also incredibly functional, and is particularly appreciated for its ability to regulate temperature. Here are some facts and tips to keep your wool parts from home Baie des Caps.

The virtues of wool

  • Thermoregulation : Wool has a unique capacity to maintain body temperature. It keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot, which makes it an ideal choice for all seasons.
  • Breathability : It evacuates body moisture, which helps to reduce perspiration and odor.
  • Self-cleaning : Wool has natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent odor from being installed.
  • Durable and eco-friendly : Being a natural fibre, it is biodegradable and has a less environmental impact than synthetic fibres.

How to protect the wool from the mites:

  1. Put your wool sweater in a dry and clean place. If possible, place it in a breathable cotton bag to protect it.
  2. Lavender or cedar bags can be placed near your wool clothing to naturally push the mites.
  3. Avoid using chemicals, as they can damage wool fiber.

Respect for tradition

Since our creation, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with the highest quality clothing. This means a rigorous selection of materials, an unwavering attention to detail, and a commitment to perpetuate techniques tested by time

The tight knit technique we use, inherited from sea sweaters, ensures not only exceptional quality, but also robustness adapted to urban life as well as the challenges of marine elements.

Behind every jacket, every vest, there's a story. A story of passionate artisans who, day after day, combine their know-how with cutting-edge technology to give life to exceptional clothing

Although our creations are adapted to life in the city, they keep the soul and the spirit of the broad. This unique combination of urban elegance and marine robustness distinguishes Baie des Caps other brands.

Join the family Baie des Caps, it is to embrace a tradition, it is to choose authenticity.

Order with confidence at home Baie des Caps

We make sure to offer a unique shopping experience: each order is shipped within 24 hours, and take advantage of free delivery from 100€ purchase. To learn more about our universe and our new products, follow us on Facebook and Instagram: just type Baie des Caps