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A Supportable Creativity

Working closely with the ESAT of QUEVERT, we combine passion for crafts and social responsibility to give life to a range of products that reflect both our love for authenticity and our willingness to act positively on our environment. This initiative reinforces not only our commitment to local employment, but also to social reintegration.

Main recyclant du tissus

Upcycling according to Baie des Caps

Overcycling, more commonly called upcycling, is at the heart of this approach. It is about reinventing, giving a new soul back to materials that would otherwise be thrown away. This vision, adapted to the textile world, has prompted us to constantly innovate in order to reduce our waste and transform it into unique fashion pieces.

Discover our unique creations

Upcycled kits : Each kit tells a story, made from the fall of wool from our workshops, it becomes an indispensable travel or work companion.

Keychain & Wallet : These small accessories, far from being simple details, embody the finesse of our upcycling approach. They add a touch of originality while proudly bearing the values of Baie des Caps.

Tote Bags : Robust, elegant and eco-friendly, our tote bags are the perfect reflection of the fusion between fashion and responsibility. They proudly wear patterns that remind some of our collections of sweaters.

Upcycled cushions : These cushions are not just decoration elements. They embody comfort, design and eco-responsibility, making each piece a work of art in its own right.

Image de coussin

Join the Upcycled Adventure

Each purchase of a "Upcycled" product is a step further to a more environmentally friendly world. It is also a way of supporting a circular economy and favoring French artisanal know-how. Home Baie des Caps, we invite you to join us in this adventure and make sustainability a concrete reality. Together, we can redefine fashion by putting eco-responsibility in the foreground.