Repair Service

How to access our online repair services?

  • Create an account on our website
  • Send us the photo of the product to repair
  • Payment of repairs online
  • Sending your product by mail
  • Reception of your repaired product

Tariff Schedule

Sleeve tip flap 8€
Size lathe 8€
Find a hole in the mesh 8€
Seeds 20€
Put a button 1.5€
Ourlet 8€

Details of our fly service


Home Baie des Caps, we understand the attachment you can have for your favorite parts. This is why we offer a repair service, regardless of the age of your product. That you bought it a year or ten years ago, we commit ourselves to restoring it with the greatest care, so that you can continue to appreciate it for many years.

Available services : Sleeve tip, Sleeve waist, Sleeve hole in the mesh, Sleeve of elbows, Sleeve of a button, Sleeve.

Our commitment and workshop

Our repair service is our commitment to fast fashion and overconsumption. Instead of replacing, we repair to prolong the life of your products, reducing our ecological footprint. Thanks to the use of quality materials, we ensure the longevity of each piece. Home Baie des Caps, we believe in a sustainable fashion.

Each product Baie des Caps is created and treated in our workshop in Ploubalay, in the heart of the Côtes d'Armor. Repair is not an exception to this rule. Your sweater returns to the hands of the craftsmen who knit it, ensuring optimal quality and consistency. By entrusting your repairs, you support local know-how and exceptional craftsmanship.


Why choose Baie des Caps?

Our commitment to quality, timeless design and respect for the environment is reflected in durable clothing that is distinguished by their comfort and style. We are proud of our ability to repair all our clothes, a service that few brands offer.

By choosing Baie des Caps for your repairs, you choose an ecological solution that helps reduce textile waste. You also support French craftsmanship and participate in the preservation of a heritage.

Terms and Conditions

The shipping costs to send us your item for repair are at your expense. We charge the return fees. Repair times may vary depending on the complexity of repair and workload of our workshop. We will inform you as soon as your article is received.

In the event of significant degradation of your product, we reserve the right to refuse repair if we feel that it does not guarantee a satisfactory quality level or is not feasible.

Contact us

Do you have a question or would you like more information about our repair services? Do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you.