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The Sailor sweater Man Made in France

In the heart of the picturesque Côtes d’Armor, the workshop Baie des Caps is a sanctuary of french tradition and know-how. Each sailor sweater which comes out of it is the result of a passion, heritage and expertise that has refined since 1986. In this workshop, each thread is carefully chosen, each knitted with devotion, reflecting the essence of Breton culture and French excellence. We are proud to say that our products are 100% French, not only for the superior quality they guarantee, but also because they embody a history, region and art of living. Choose Baie des Caps, it is to choose a piece of french authenticity, a promise of timeless elegance and durability.

The Trip of Sailor sweater to Travers History

The sailor sweater didn't happen in one day. It was born from a deep history, beginning in the 18th century with the shawl of Breton merchants. This robust piece was used as a shield against maritime elements. Today, with Baie des Caps, the sailor sweater retraces his story, from his birth in our little Breton workshop until his adoption by the national navy, then his on-screen immortalization in the film "L'Odyssée" or our marine beauties are on display

Fabrication des Pulls Marins pour Homme

Our men's wool sweaters symbolize the singing of the seas. Each buttonhole, each mesh, each scratch is the fruit of decades of know-how. The design of these sea sweaters requires careful attention: from the first draft to the last seam, to the knitting and laying of the buttons.

The wool we use is of exceptional quality, guaranteeing heat, comfort and durability. Our wool sea sweaters are available either in pure wool or in merino wool for incomparable softness.

The Sailor sweater Breton: Robustesse and Elegance

When you think about it sailor sweater breton, two words immediately come to mind: robustness and elegance. Our sea sweaters, made with passion in the Côtes d’Armor, are the perfect embodiment of these qualities. Using a dense and tight mesh, each sweater ensures unmatched heat and exceptional durability, honouring the Breton maritime heritage. Whether you are in the heart of a storm at sea or enjoying a peaceful moment at the corner of the fire, you can count on the unshakeable protection and comfort of our sailor sweater wool. Opter for a sailor sweater de Baie des Caps, it is to choose a piece of french craft rich in history, ideal for those who seek both authenticity and contemporary style.

Choose Sound Sailor sweater Man with Baie des Caps

Our men's sea sweaters are available in a variety of colours. Each sailor sweater man is designed to flatter your silhouette, that you prefer a slim fite or comfort.

If you have questions or concerns about size, or any other detail, we are here to help you. And for those looking for the summum of French elegance, discover our national navy sweater: the Brise Mer.

To learn more about how to choose the sailor sweater ideal, consult ourARTICLE OF BLOG.

So, ready to embrace the maritime heritage with a sailor sweater man Baie des Caps? Don't wait !

The Sailor sweater and the Mode of Today

The sailor sweater man has been able to impose himself on current trends. It is a versatile piece, to be worn in all seasons, capable of adapting to all occasions. Pair your wool sweater with a jeans for a casual look or dressed pants for an elegant exit. Its versatility makes it a must have.

How to wear your Sailor sweater ? ?

1. Casual Chic : Elegance to the Daily

The High : Opt for your sailor sweater wool. Whether uni or striped, its rich texture and its classic silhouette fit perfectly with a relaxed look.

Le Bas : A jeans, preferably raw or slightly delavé, will bring a contemporary touch. Avoid jeans too worn or found to maintain harmony.

Shoes : Boat shoes, emblems of maritime culture, are the ideal companions. You can also choose espadrilles in summer or daim boots for the cooler days.

Accessories : An elegant wristwatch, a marine-style hat or a light scarf, depending on the season, will perfect your look.

2. Semi Formel : Between Elegance and Simplicity

The High : Your sailor sweater will be the masterpiece. For a refined touch, choose a neutral color such as navy, grey or beige.

Le Bas : A chino pants, whether in beige, khaki or marine blue, will perfectly complement the style. Make sure it is well adjusted, without being too tight.

Shoes : Mocassins, in smooth leather or suede, will be perfect. Depending on the season, opt for darker or clearer colours.

Accessories : A leather belt, an elegant watch and a discreet bracelet will enhance this style.

3. At Work: Professional, But Not Too Strict

The High Under your sailor sweater, a light color shirt - white, beige or sky blue - will add a professional touch. Make sure the sleeves of the shirt are slightly higher for an elegant contrast.

Le Bas : A suit pants or a pair of pants, in neutral tones, will bring seriousness and professionalism to your look.

Shoes : Opt for derbies or rich places. Make sure they are well waxed and match with the colour of your belt.

Accessories : In addition to a classic watch, consider a briefcase or leather bag to carry your documents.

Business Tips for your Wool Pull

Beauty lies in the details. For your sake sailor sweater man retains his timeless beauty and soft touch, it is essential to follow our maintenance recommendations. Adopting these methods will guarantee not only the durability of your wool sweater, but also its ability to resist time and stay as new year after year.

Take care of your Wool Pull

Wash : Delicacy is the key. Preserve the rich texture of your sweater by hand washing it or using the delicate cycle of your machine. Cold water is preferable to maintain the integrity of wool fiber.

Drying : The form is just as important as the function. Avoid hanging your sweater to prevent deformation. Instead, spread the delicately flat on an absorbent towel, allowing uniform drying.

Range : Each sailor sweater deserves special care. When storing, put your sweater flat to keep its original shape. In addition, to protect it from mites and other pests, opt for natural solutions. Lavender bags, for example, offer effective protection while leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Each step is a pledge of attention and love for your sailor sweater, a piece that tells a story and embodies french know-how to its best.

Sailor sweater Men 100% Made in France