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Pull with Coudières : The new creation of Baie des Caps and Augustine

Home Baie des Caps, we are driven by a deep passion for french tradition and craftsmanship. Since our creation, we are committed to producing quality sweaters, designed to resist elements and time. Our philosophy is based on respect and authenticity, Made in France and attention to detail.

Our desire to integrate coudières with our sea sweaters led us to an exciting collaboration with Augustine. Attracted by their fun and stylish motives, we grasped the opportunity of this "Collab" to create truly unique jumpers

Authenticity and originality combined

By combining the know-how of Baie des Caps in the manufacture of quality wool sweaters and Augustine's originality, we are proud to present our sweaters! Made in 100% virgin wool, they embody not only the marine spirit, but also the audacity and passion that characterize our two brands.

The origin of the elbow sweaters: a symbol of endurance and adaptability

The elbows were initially designed as a practical way for manual workers and soldiers to increase the durability of their clothing.

Indeed, in a time when each garment was handmade, it was important to have them last as long as possible.

These people spent a long period of time doing manual work, which strongly requested the elbows of their clothing. In order to extend the life of these clothing and avoid frequent replacements, reinforced cubits were added to the most fragile areas.

Over time, the seam sweaters have shifted from workwear to fashion piece status. The appearance of cubits in British school uniforms has also helped to popularize this trend. Today they are often associated with a casual chic image.

Local manufacturing: the essence of our collaboration

One of the main drivers of our collaboration with Augustin for the creation of these cubes is our common commitment to local production. Home Baie des Caps, we are firmly committed to supporting french craftsmanship. Each sweater is designed, prototyped and carefully crafted in our workshop in the Côtes d'Armor, Brittany. This highlights the expertise and know-how that characterize our region. By choosing to produce in France, we guarantee not only superior quality and exceptional durability, but we also contribute to the preservation of local employment and French artisanal heritage. This collaboration with Augustin reaffirms our conviction that the best way to progress is to remain faithful to our roots while modernizing!

An investment in the future

Making the choice of local craft is also choosing to invest in the future. By doing this collab with Augustin, we are convinced that we contribute to the sustainability of the French textile industry. We are proud to be part of a dynamic that values creativity, well done work and the transmission of know-how.

Elbow sweaters, a style and durability affair

Our sock sweaters are proof that it is possible to combine fashion and durability. These sweaters are not only beautiful, they are also made to last. By wearing them, you choose a more quality garment that has a history, which is made in accordance with traditions. We all participate in the preservation of our artisanal heritage.

The advantages of wearing a seam sweater.

A sewing sweater is elegance and style in a single garment. It is not only a beautiful sweater, but also a cold shield. By opting for a sewing sweater Baie des Caps and Augustine, you choose a unique look while enjoying the comfort and warmth of a quality wool.

Different types of sewing sweaters

Each stretcher is a unique piece that combines perfectly quality, comfort and style. With so many designs available, you can be sure to find a seam sweater that reflects your personality!

One of the specificities of seam pullers is the diversity of materials used for these reinforcements. . Some brands favor the indefinable elegance of leather elbows, offering a touch of refinement to each garment. Others opt for velvet, bringing cozy comfort and luxurious appearance. There are even coloured or patterned fabrics, for those who wish to add a touch of fantasy to their outfit.

Regardless of the material chosen, the elbows add character to each pull, while increasing durability. It is this combination of functionality and style that makes cudrous sweaters a popular choice of all.

The different ways to wear a sweater.

A sewing sweater is a very versatile garment. You can wear it with a jeans for a casual look, with pants dressed for a special occasion, or even with a dress for a touch of originality. And by combining it with a coat, jacket or scarf, you can create a outfit perfectly adapted to your style. With a coudières sweater Baie des Caps and Augustine, style and versatility go hand in hand.