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Bannière les créatives

New collab' Baie des Caps < Les Créatives Dinan : discover our collection upcyclée et stylée 100% made in France !

what's upcycled?

♻ "Upcycling" or "surcycling" in French, it is a bit the top in recycling: create new with old, without transforming or deconstructing the raw material used.

This is the best way to implement the famous Lavoisier phrase: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

Blandine Verdier, stylist, has imagined this mini collection of jackets using knitted panels deemed non-compliant for our collection Bay of Caps but too beautiful to be thrown into the trash.

Combined with jacquards made in France, from dormant stocks and identified by @lescreativesdinan, each piece is unique because made with the technical constraints of re-used materials.

The pieces are made on site in our workshop Baie des Caps in Ploubalay (so no carbon footprint!)

A good gift idea for Christmas: offer a beautiful quality, original and unique jacket! Besides, it's good for our Planet.

Don't delay, the quantities are very limited!