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Made in France

100% Made in France, we are proud to introduce you to our marine hats, designed and manufactured in our workshop in Beausse-sur-Mer, on the Côte d’Émeraude in Brittany. Weared with one of our sailor sweater, the marine mode will no longer have secrets for you.

We make hats in 100% pure wool or 50% merino wool.

In order to guarantee their quality, each wool hat is carefully controlled throughout our manufacturing process: knitting, press, finishing, ironing.

The wool coils arriving in our workshop are also carefully checked.

Take advantage of our manufacturer's rates by selling live on our site or in our factory store for cheap sea bretons.
Forget the caps and choose a fashionable head cover: the hat.


Sea hats for the whole family

How about one pure wool inspired by the universe marine to keep your head warm in cool weather? Ideal for your walks by the sea accompanied by a wax or a vareuse, Baie des Caps offers its selection of wool caps.

Marine hat for man, marine hat for woman or for children, there are for the whole family!

Confections full mesh and tightened, our wool hats are warm. Your child will not be able to catch cold and thanks to our different styles and colours, enjoy a wool hat that will please him.

Also know that our adult hats and baby hats have a unique size. Their material is flexible and elastic. This allows the bonnet to marry the shape of your head for a perfect rendering. So all our Breton marine hats are mixed.


A marine hat scratched or united?

Do you want to stay warm while enjoying a wool hat in the authentic marine style? So you're gonna love ours striped marine hats

Pure virgin wool cup or 50% Merino wool, you will find your happiness thanks to different colors.

The most classic, the navy blue wool hat with marine/ecru stripes, will perfectly match with a scarf and wool bride for one traditional and timeless breton style

Do you prefer a scratched Breton hat with a more colorful style? We also have what you need thanks to our other colours to brighten up your wardrobe: the pure blue jean/blue wool hat or the marine blue cap available in 100% wool or in 50% merino wool.

The child marine hat is also available in fuschia/beige.

For what is united marine bonnets, Baie des Caps offers two models so that you can choose the dress style that you like.

You will find the same model as our scratched hats, but with united colors, such as the red marine hat, the jean blue marine hat, the brown marine hatt or the taupe marine hat. Men’s bonnets and women’s hats that fit with all your outfits and marry perfectly with a jean, a t-shirt and a perfecto for example. For children united, we chose to offer you the marine blue hat, jean blue or pink.

Our second model, on the other hand, is only available for adults and is closer to a more modern marine bonnet called the “bonnet docker”. Made in 100% wool or 50% merino wool with a pearly, thick and elastic mesh, this is a thicker wool cup and having a wide folded rib edge. If you like this model, you will find it under many colors (ecru, blue king, blue sky, yellow, grey, blue or red).