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Vareuse woman made in Brittany

The ugh, or the blouse of sailors of the time, is restored to the taste of the day in our workshop located by the sea in the Côtes d’Armor (22). Indeed, we were inspired by the models of seafarers of the time while making them more feminine and adapted to everyday life to easily integrate them into your wardrobe and carry them with your most beautiful clothes . It is therefore with passion and love for our beautiful Breton history that Baie des Caps manufacture for woman. Anchored in the values of our territory and aware of the current changes, we make the bet of amalgam authenticity and modernity to offer a timeless, elegant and comfortable garment that will please madame and that will marry perfectly with one sailor sweater for women

The story of the breeze

Originally, they were worn by sailors and fishermen. They cut off their used sails in order to make a garment that resisted the wind but also to save the price of expensive canvases. The marine varous allowed them to resist the wind and storms during their trips to the sea. Each profession of the sea had a captrated colour to recognize them more easily: red for ostreaters, yellow for fishermen on foot, blue for fishermen on the high seas and rust for fishermen on the locker.

Today, a vareuse has become a real accessory of marine fashion and Baie des Caps then decided to propose you a vareuse bretonne for woman revisited by putting on elegance and modernity.


The ugly woman Baie des Caps : a vareuse bretonne revisited

While traditionally, the fabric of the varous bretonnes were made of canvas, Baie des Caps wanted to offer you a more modern and urban garment by making a hollow woman in wool.

We realize the vareuse in an authentic way while adding a more contemporary touch. Our worth is a marine clothing which resists the wind and the cold while being feminine and classy.
So forget the traditional marina's worth and spit for a unique vareuse that will adapt to all your looks.

With a striped marinière and straight trousers or with jeans and basketballs or city shoes, the marine wool vareuse will quickly become the preferred coat of your dressing. She will also marry perfectly with a cotton skirt.

It is a garment that requires many manufacturing steps: knitting, press, cutting, assembly, finishing, ironing. Our employees are extremely efficient and attentive at each stage in order to detect the slightest manufacturing defects, thus enabling a varous quality woman who will accompany you for many years.


A hot and light hollow woman with 50% merino wool

The breeze for woman we offer here is made of 50% merino wool and has comfort fit so that you are fully comfortable inside. Fat Baie des Caps is designed in fine mesh and is characterized by its heat and his lightness.
The quality of our raw material and our textile will allow you to stay warm and safe from the wind like the seamen of old.

Plus, her collar shirt in fine mesh fendu on the front, as well as scratches present on the collar and sleeves allow you to relook the traditional vareuse by bringing it a dress and feminine style perfect for your sea and coastal trips but also for your city trips.
Indeed, our dreadful woman will be ideal to complete your outfit while keeping you warm. She will become the masterpiece of your dressing room. Trying it is adopting it, so don’t wait!

This gorgeous woman can be worn every day, no matter the occasion, thanks to her simple and distinguished style. It can only beautify your outfit while bringing a touch of bretonne to it.


Our tips to maintain your vareuse bretonne

For preserve the quality of our worth, we recommend washing it to 30° with one minimum winding (800 laps). To dry it, put it on a flat surface and not burning. Don't put it in the dryer. If you have to iron it, use a steam iron but don't touch the product it would be likely to mark it.

Do not hesitate to ask us in case of doubt about the size or for any particular request, we will be happy to answer whether it is by phone, email or social media.