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Women's wool sweater Made in France

Baie des Caps is proud to be able to offer women ' s clothing designed by us on the Emerald Coast in Brittany. Here you will find a selection of quality wool sweaters made in France. Our team strives to realize clothes that will be at the height of your expectations.
We make wool sweaters for women that are sustainable, ethical and authentic. We manufacture women sweaters in 100% wool and women's sweaters in 50% merino wool like indemodable sailor sweater wife. You will also find some models of 50% cotton/50% acrylic sweaters.

100% wool woman sweater: A warm and durable sweater

To stroll by the sea or stay warm during your winter trips, nothing better than a sweater made of pure wool. With his selection of 100% wool sweaters for women, Baie des Caps make sure you choose a hot wool sweater while keeping style.
Comfort fit or slim fite, opt for the woman sweater 100% virgin wool which corresponds to you and in which you feel comfortable.

Our different pure wool sweaters for women are also designed with tightened and thick mesh. Thus, these women's sweaters in big knits guarantee you to last in time and can accompany you for long years.

100% natural fiber virgin wool is recognized to be environmentally friendly and is characterized by a very pleasant material to wear. Then don’t hesitate.

Merino wool sweater woman : For even more softness

A pure wool sweater, just like a Merino wool sweater, ensures a warm, soft and durable sweater. Yet, by choosing one mérinos wool sweater for woman, you are sure to opt for even more soft and comfortable while remaining warm during cool weather.

Baie des Caps then offers its selection of women wool sweaters made of 50% merino wool. Models in slim fite or comfort fit as well as many different colors and styles to choose the merino wool sweater that will please you most and that will fit perfectly with the clothes of your wardrobe.

We also have the pleasure of presenting the Pen Lan wool sweater model and its fine mesh. One 100% sweater Merino wool of Arles for woman that is characterized by its softness and smoothness while ensuring you stay warm and elegant.

Women's wool sweater: which one to choose?

To ensure your comfort and elegance we have declined our range of women in 6 categories. You will find sea sweaters, V-neck sweaters, round neck sweaters, wafers, vests and dresses.

Quality wool sweaters for women

The sailor sweater in wool for women slim fite will adapt perfectly to your silhouette thanks to its flexible and elastic mesh. The originality of sailor sweater for women is located in the buttonhole on the shoulder. Its composition in 100% virgin and natural wool makes the sailor sweater very hot. For lighter opportunities husband is also declined in 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic, it makes the sweater in wool very soft, it is directly possible to carry it to the body. The sailor sweater blends perfectly with jeans, chino pants, shirt and wax.

All our women's wool Breton sweaters, some of them composition, do not buzz and last in time. For an even more feminine version, we designed the sailor sweater Loctudy which has the specificity of having an even more adjusted cut with less edges, highlighting your silhouette. This model also exists in fine mesh for summer occasions: sailor sweater Aveyron. You will find our women's wool sweaters in different colors. Some have the traditional stripes of the marinière so that you are perfectly in line with the marine atmosphere.

The vareuse for woman: a timeless and elegant garment

Timeless product and currently tasted, we offer a ugh for woman. It is a vareuse in 50% merino wool, the major advantage is that it is warm and that it is light to wear. Accompanied by a puppet and jeans, it will be ideal to complete your wardrobe and be fashionable.
The wool wafer made of fine mesh guarantees a more dressed style for your city trips.

Wool jackets and vests for women to stay warm

On the side jackets and vests for women, we have a wide range of products. Stay warm and safe from the wind, and trendy, with the zipped sea jacket. This is available in a striped or uni version. Once again, it has the advantage of being very soft with its composition 50% merino wool.

For a more urban style with city shoes and straight pants or a skirt, opt for the 100% boiled wool vest sleeveless and his straight cut. A wool vest for woman available in several colors that ensures a vintage and original look.

V-neck wool sweater or round wool sweater for women: the must-see

Nos wool sweaters round neck and our wool sweaters v for women have the advantage of being hot and being worn for any occasion. These knits will fit perfectly with a t-shirt, a polo or a blouse as well as city shoes for example. Choose the women's wool sweater that best suits you by choosing from various colors and cuts. Slim fite, comfort fit, black wool sweater, navy blue wool sweater... you have the embarrassment of choice to add to your dressing a hot wool sweater for woman that will really please you.

You will have the opportunity to opt for a 100% wool sweater or a 50% merino wool sweater. Our round neck and collar v sweaters in pure wool allow you to keep the body warm perfectly and are very pleasant to wear. Our round neck and collar sweaters in Merino wool are characterized by their softness and flexibility to the touch.
Regardless of your choice, we offer wool sweaters for women made in France of very good quality to complete your dressing room.

Among our selection of round neck wool sweater, spit for the model sweater rolled in wool for woman. An unbeatable garment that will highlight your silhouette and allow you to face winter with style.

A wool or cotton dress for women

For your entourage to have eyes only you, we offer trendy dresses with short sleeves or wool dresses with long sleeves that marry perfectly with heels or sneakers. Our dresses are available in 50% cotton or 50% merino wool.
With a women's wool sweater dress, stay warm and always be elegant with a trendy look.

Women's wool sweater: Pure wool and Merino wool