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Sailor sweater woman made in France

The sailor sweater, iconic product at home Baie des Caps, managed to cross the ages. It has moved from functional garment for sailors to the perfect fashion companion for women. Each sailor sweater woman is fully developed in France, in our workshop located in the heart of the Côtes d'Armor (22). With love and passion, we make the traditional sailor sweater since 1986.

That you prefer him sailor sweater striped or united, our selection offers a varied range. Colors, styles and materials differ to suit your preferences. You will discover women's 100% wool or sea sweaters woman 50% Merino wool.

The sailor sweater wool is an indemodible garment for women and a true classic of female dressings. He usually associates with jeans, chino or straight pants. Add a blouse and city shoes, mocassins or escarpins, depending on your desires. Finally, a caban or a wax will perfectly complement a pure marine look. It can be worn both in winter and in summer! The wool is thermoregulating and does not prevent moisture!

Maille de laine / gros plan

The sailor sweater striped for woman

For your walks by the sea or for your outings in town, the sailor sweater striped AVEYRON is an ideal choice. With its buttonholes on the shoulder, it will seduce by its simplicity and its many colors. This is sailor sweater high quality is made in 50% merino wool and knitted in fine mesh, ensuring softness and warmth on a daily basis. Sa slim fite offers a chic and urban style. It can be worn with a scarf and a vareuse for a timeless look of marine and French fashion.

The sailor sweater uni for woman

Are you more of the kind to prefer a sober style that fits all the looks? So sailor sweater united is for you. Opt for the Little Erquy Marine 100% pure French wool or the Petit Erquy Marine 100% merino wool of Arles. The 100% Made in France wool ensures impeccable quality for these two models.

They wear a straight cut and adjusted to enhance your silhouette. You will stay elegant even when temperatures go down. This uni marine knit is worn with a small jacket during soft times or a coat like a wax during cooler times. It fits perfectly with chino pants or straight pants as well as with sneakers or city shoes depending on the look you want.

Quality wool sweaters for women

Home Baie des Caps, we continue to realize sailor sweater traditionally and authentically. We play on the colors and stripes to modernize this feminine garment, symbol of the sea. It is always made with the same love and know-how of old so as to preserve its history and authenticity.

The wool sweater is a product that requires many manufacturing steps: patronage, computer design, knitting, press, cutting, assembly, stops, ironing, buttons, buttonholes and packaging.

Our employees perform quality work allowing a clean, soft and lasting final rendering in time. In addition, wool used to make our sweaters is a noble material. This fabric allows you to stay warm while having a feminine and trendy look.

Pulls marins pour femmes

Sea sweaters adapted to women

The sailor sweater, initially worn by men, was adapted for women. Each piece is carefully knitted to ensure a slim fite and flattery. This timeless pullover will add a Breton touch to your dressing room. You can accentuate it by wearing a scarf and a marine hat.

They marry perfectly with a variety of outfits, whether with a casual jeans for a weekend look or associated with an elegant skirt for a special occasion. With our sea sweaters, you can create classic and modern looks, and express your own style with a marine touch.

The sailor sweater woman: A sweater in virgin wool or merino wool

Your satisfaction is our priority. This is why we offer various products and compositions. You can choose between a pure wool sweater or a Merino wool sweater.

Pure wool is a virgin wool made from 100% natural fibers. By opting for a sailor sweater 100% pure wool woman, you are sure to choose a sweater designed from a noble material respecting the environment. In addition, virgin wool is recognized for its softness, warmth, and promises a lasting sweater that will accompany you very long. The mesh we use to make our 100% wool marine sweaters is a thick and tightened mesh. This allows you to choose a resistant and warm marine woman sweater.

One sailor sweater merino wool, for its part, brings an even softer touch and a feeling even more comfortable than virgin wool. Several colors are available (brown, red, anthracite, jean blue, king blue, ecru). But the most iconic models remain the same sailor sweater navy blue for woman or the marine striped sweater for woman. Thanks to the fine and tightened mesh we use, our women's Breton sweaters 50% Merino wool are equipped with a very good elasticity and ensure a durable wool sweater.

Our advice to keep your sailor sweater wife

To preserve the quality of your sweater 50% merino wool/ 50% acrylic, we recommend washing it at 30° with a minimum winding (400 laps). For your sailor sweater 100% wool, we recommend a cold water machine wash in a wool program with a minimum winding (400 laps).

To dry your sailor sweater, place it on a flat and non-burning surface. Don't put it in the dryer. Iron only if necessary, with a steam iron without touching the sweater at the risk of leaving marks!

Our women's sea sweaters: durable products!

Home Baie des Caps, we are deeply committed to a more responsible consumption. We believe it is essential to "drink less, but better.. That's why we put a point of honour in making the made in France accessible to all.

By focusing on local manufacturing, we support the local economy and help preserve the traditional French know-how. By opting for our women marine sweaters made in France, you encourage a more ethical and environmentally friendly way of production.

We encourage our customers to invest in quality pieces rather than succumb to the ephemeral trends of fast fashion. Our women's marine sweaters are designed to withstand the test of time, both on the stylistic plane and on the quality of manufacture. By choosing durable clothing, you help reduce overconsumption and minimize your environmental impact.