Vente privée Baie des Caps

Since July 2019, it is a private sales florilège Baie des Caps, with motivated ambassadors and ambassadors who welcomed us at their home in Cesson-Sévigné, Rennes, Vannes, Ste Reine de Bretagne, Sens... Organizing a private sale can present several advantages.


A private sale, what is it?

Sea sweaters and classic sweaters Baie des Caps buy mainly at the factory store on the coast of Emerald and more and more on the online store. It is difficult to make an impression before buying when it is not possible to go to the shop. People who have enjoyed our products sometimes decide to make them discover to their friends, who then have the opportunity to touch the matter, to appreciate the cut and size of the sweaters ... before making their decision! The hostess/host decides the place, of the day (of course under our advice), and its guests. We take care of the rest! Munis of several size kits on different sweater models Baie des Caps , and in their good mood, counsellors and counsellors Baie des Caps come to your meeting if you receive an hour away from home and welcome your guests with you. Otherwise, the size kits are sent to you by parcel, but you need to know the products to ensure the private sale alone.

But what do you win?

Organizing a private sale at home for a brand, it is an opportunity to invite friends to spend a good time, to discover a product they did not know, without obligation to buy! The host or hostess also receives a reward according to the results of the sale, the formula being: we offer you one, see two or three sweaters according to the turnover made during the private sale (about 10%).

How do you manage your private sale?

The team Baie des Caps supports you in the organisation of private sale. It is a matter of respecting a few rules for a successful guarantee!

- The Place: a private sale is usually organized at its own home or a friend's home, or sometimes at a local that has been lent. What you need is to create a friendly atmosphere to make you discover our products at best. It is therefore possible to offer them tea, coffee and why not a few treats!

- The ideal day: Everything depends on the availability of your guests and yours!

- The right time: the longest possible! often from 10:00 to 19:00. Try to leave a large time range and do not pause for those available at lunch time. It is also possible to think of a party between girlfriends/girls and choose the niche 20:30 at midnight (after work, a good relaxing moment!).

- The most suitable period : From September 15 to December 8. The beginning of September for the renewal of the family wardrobe is ideal, and Christmas because people need to make their gifts! In general, Christmas purchases are made in early December, but a date as early as mid-October can well be agreed. The summer period when it brings together family and friends also allows to anticipate the purchases of re-entry!

- The golden rules of the hostess/host: the success of a sale rests for many on the person who organizes. Your guests trust you: you must know the product well and be able to highlight its assets. It is therefore important to be present at all times and have little attention for your guests: tea, coffee etc. The aim is to create a friendly moment and to create sales.

- Why not? You can very well couple a sale Baie des Caps with the sale of other products that may interest your guests, without competition of course. For example children's games, decorative objects,  etc.

Do you feel ready?

Contact us to organize your own private sale!