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Man Made in France wool sweater

Anchored in its Breton territory on the coast of Emerald, Baie des Caps authentically manufacture 100% Made in France wool sweaters. We use our know-how and the nobility of our raw material (of the pure wool certified standard oeko-tex 100 confidence in textiles) to make quality man wool sweaters at the best price.

Quality men wool sweaters

Each wool sweater we offer on our catalog passes into the hands of our great team to ensure the different manufacturing stages. Thus, Bay of Caps ensures you choose a wool sweater for quality men.

Our French wool sweaters are knitted in 100% merino wool of Arles or 100% pure wool.
A Merino wool sweater guarantees a warm, soft and durable garment to face winter with style.

The wool sweater made in France will accompany you for several decades.
To be adapted to your morphology, we decline it in slim fite or comfort fit. Cherry on the cake, we assure you that all our Made in France wool sweaters don't buzz.

Man wool sweater: Which one to choose?

To dress warmly without neglecting the style of the male gente, we offer a varied range of wool sweater for men declined in 5 categories:

Des sweaters for men who can accompany you in all situations and adapt to all your styles.

Sailor sweater wool for men

Braver the cold of winter with assurance while keeping style and style, it is quite possible with our collection of sailor sweater for man in wool. His buttonhole on the left shoulder makes this man sweater unique. Their composition in wool blended, pure wool or merino wool as well as their tightened knit give them undeniable qualities: a sailor sweater hot and durable wool.

Sailor sweater scratches or sailor sweater united, you will only have to choose your style and your favorite color.

Pull trucker man wool

The sweater man in wool will be a very good ally in extreme conditions. Its zipped collar allows you to keep your neck warm and thus ensures a beautiful winter sweater.

Our truck driver also wants to be modern. It can quite adapt to your urban adventures by enjoying a chic and trendy look.
In order for this jumper to fit best your needs, you can choose its composition: high density (full knitted with 3 yarn), 100% wool, 50% wool.

Men's wool sweater Col V

Made in 50% merino wool or 100% pure wool, our men's sweaters with collar v are recognized for their quality! With a sweater man collar v in wool home Baie des Caps, you will enjoy a wool sweater without any defects that will accompany you everywhere.

You can choose the cut according to your desired morphology and style. The comfort fit it offers you a loose, wide v-neck wool sweater perfect for your walks at sea. The slim fite, for example, ensures a more elegant v neck sweater for your city trips.
We also offer fine mesh versions, ideal for the summer season or for a city style.

Wool sweater man Col Rond

You prefer to opt for a wool sweater with round neck ? We also have what you need.
Our round neck sweaters, like all our sweaters, are made in France. They adapt to all circumstances.

Tricoted in full mesh, durability and warmth are guaranteed. At the same time, our Made in France round-coated wool sweaters have the advantage of being worn on many occasions.

You will also enjoy the softness of our round neck sweaters made of 50% merino wool or pure wool.

Veste Gilet homme

Keep style and stay warm with the men's jackets and vests in wool made in France.
We offer the jacket in pure Cambridge zipped wool: this one has the characteristic of being in RICHELIEU mesh (coated mail) for the collar, pockets and bust. This is our hottest jacket.

The work of wool

Wool is an increasingly valuable and versatile material that has been used by artisans in the Brittany region for centuries to make warm and durable clothing.

Here are some of the different ways to work wool in our workshop to make clothes:

Tricot : You've probably seen it already, it's a hand weaving technique that consists of threading knitting needles with wool and making it pass over and below the needles to create a fabric. The Breton knitters are known for their hand knitted wool sweaters, which are very warm and comfortable.

Filing : filage is the process of processing raw wool into yarn of wool. The Breton craftsmen often use a wheel to spin the wool, which consists of a handle with a manually operated wheel torso the yarn wool. We now use more efficient machines but the wheel breathes authenticity.

Teinture : dyeing is the process of dyeing wool. Breton craftsmen often used plants and minerals to paint wool in different colours, creating unique shades of colours for their wool clothing.

Weaving : weaving is the process of fabric creation by entering wool wires. The Breton craftsmen often used manual or mechanical weave jobs to weave wool fabrics to make clothing. It is thanks to this process that we can determine the thickness of our wool.

The maintenance guide

The laundry: Use "special delicate textiles" laundry to protect animal fibres (whether). Think of washing your garment upside down.

50% merino wool, 50% acrylic or 50% cotton :

-Machine wash 30° wool programme

-Wood at least (800 laps)

-Drying on a flat and non-burning surface.

-No dry clothes

A 100% wool creation:

-Machine wash cold water program wool

-Wood at least (800 laps)

-Drying on a flat surface and not burning

-No dry clothes


Remain only if necessary. Use a steam iron but don't touch the wool at the risk of leaving marks. And iron the garment upside down.

The virtues of wool

Here are some of the reasons why wool is an ideal material for hats and scarves:

The wool is naturally hot : thanks to its hollow and insulating fibres, the wool is naturally hot and allows to maintain the heat of your body. It is especially useful to protect you from cold in winter.

The wool is breathable : unlike synthetic materials, wool is able to breathe and evacuate moisture, making it comfortable to wear even when it is hot. It is therefore always good to have a small scarf or a hat in your wardrobe for the coldest days.

The wool is resistant : wool is a robust and durable material that is resistant to friction and stains. It also has excellent form retention, which means that it does not fade easily. Your accessory is not ready to leave you.

Wool is ecological : wool is a natural material that can be produced ethically and sustainably. It is also recyclable and biodegradable.

By choosing wool hats and scarves, you enjoy all these benefits, while opting for a quality product that will keep you warm all winter. So don't hesitate to invest in wool accessories to stay warm all season!