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Women's jackets and jackets made in Brittany

To complete your Made in France wardrobe or to brighten your outfit, we offer a wide choice of vests and jackets with pockets or pockets made with different fabrics and knits such as: the Bernic V collar or round neck, the 100% boiled wool vest without sleeve, the Maelis vest, the Gwenn zipped wool vest and the Marina zipped jacket.

Quality wool vests and jackets from a unique know-how

Nos wool vests and jackets for women, whether made of boiled wool, pure wool or 50% merino wool, are created from A to Z in our workshop located by the sea in the Côtes d’Armor (22). And the little more that, we know, will delight you, is that they are handmade with a unique know-how that has remained the same since 1986. They are therefore quality garments that transmit history and the know-how of Brittany while ensuring that you are always in fashion.


Great color choice for your jackets and jackets for women

Different colours of vests and jackets are available to you in order to meet your expectations and desires as well as to ensure you a dress style that looks like you :

  • Vests 50% merino wool Bernic round neck or collar v are available in red, navy and green;
  • The wool vest boiled woman sleeveless is available in anthracite grey, red, green and khaki;
  • The maelis vest cotton and its closure with buttons, ideal for the summer season, is available in 3 colors (blue jean, salmon and rose).
  • The zipped wool vest Gwenn is available in marine/ecru stripe or with scoop/marine stripes for one authentic marine style and we also offer a uni blue marine model for a more sober look;
  • 50% Merino wool jacket for woman Marina with its climbing collar is available with emerald/marine stripes is and a must in marine fashion. You will also find this jacket model in a more classic style of red color designed in pure wool.

All our wool jackets and vests for women are knit in a different way. Indeed, the Marina wool jackets are knitted with a meille milano while the Bernic wool vest is knitted with a fine rib knit 1x1. Our Gwenn zipped vests are woven with a thick mesh and our sleeveless vests are made from boiled wool and ensure you wear a vintage and original look.

Easily find the right fit for your vest or woman jacket

Among our collection of wool jackets and vests for women, Baie des Caps propose two cuts that you may find the one that is made for you:

The comfort fit is ample, which will allow you to be at ease, and slim fite is more near the body, which will highlight your silhouette.

Every outfit his vest or his jacket! Indeed, each of our vests or each of our jackets will perfect your outfit and will allow you to easily take a part of our Breton territory or you are going.

Why choose a wool vest comfort fit ?

For one casual style we advise you to opt for a wool vest woman comfort fit. Indeed, this wider cup will allow you to move freely while at ease. This is what the Bernic vest, the Gwenn scratched hood vest, or the sleeveless boiled wool vest offers. The sleeveless jacket can be worn over a shirt with city shoes to bring a touch of chic to your casual outfit.

Why choose a wool vest or a wool vest slim fite?

For one style plus chic we advise you to opt for a vest or jacket slim fite. This straight cut will make you comfortable while highlighting your silhouette. This is what the Marina zipped jacket or the Maelis jacket offers. The Marina wool jacket with its high collar is a classic of the female wardrobe that will accompany you everywhere.
A jacket slim fite will fit perfectly with all the dress styles of your dressing room and will marry perfectly with a slim jeans, straight trousers and escarpins or mocassins.


We therefore propose a wide choice of vests and jackets for women to best meet all your expectations. This is the essential element to complete your Breton look! Accompanied with trousers and a pretty coat or a skirt when the weather allows, stay elegant every season.

Do not hesitate to ask us in case of doubt about the size or for any particular request, we will be happy to answer you (telephone, email or social media).