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Children's round neck marine sweaters

As children often want to do everything like big ones, we have declined our round and V neck sweaters in child size so that your children will not go through your drawers. Made by the expert and precise hands of our employees, these sweaters are made in our workshops in Beausse-sur-Mer, a small town on the coast of Armor and close to the sea. And if your children are not followers sailor sweater, these more classic sweaters will delight them. And then we don’t say no to a Made in France product that in addition to being timeless is modern.

The sailor sweater ideal for your children: the sweater in fine mesh!

In order to go to the adventure safely and warmly so as not to get sick, we offer THE sweater that perfectly suits the leisure of your children. Indeed, the sweater is the one you need. Resistant to all trials, it can overcome all the inconvenience that your child will encounter, it is likely the perfect sweater. Its marine blue color ideal for a uniform sweater in outdoor use. Its colors similar to the color of the ocean will fit perfectly with its dressing room and will allow it to take a souvenir from Brittany wherever it goes. Made from wool it will keep your children warm when they leave “without doing it on purpose” without their jacket or they will take it off to be more comfortable to run.

The choice of sailor sweater breton for your children

No panic, we also offer two sweaters for your teenagers, because to Baie des Caps, it is the marine and family spirit that prevails above all. We first have the Mael round neck sweater in navy blue and made up of 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic. This timeless sweater is a great classic that fits perfectly for a chic outfit or a school uniform. It will be perfect for class photo or family meals. It is available in sizes 14 and 16 years.

Then we have the small propeller V neck sweater available also in marine blue and composed of the same raw materials as the round neck sweater. This one offers a slim fite, which is therefore close to the body and which will set the figure in values. This model is knitted with a tightened knit, making it robust and warm. He is the ally to have when in winter the place near the radiator is already occupied.

The classic sweater by schools and boarding schools for their uniform sweaters

Opt for a direct purchase to the manufacturer, this is a good solution to get competitive prices, without intermediaries! And choosing a manufacturer of sea sweaters is also opting for a quality knit, perfectly adapted for intensive use such as uniform sweaters. CAPS BAIE sweaters are knitted to 99% in full mesh, typical mesh used for the manufacture of marine sweaters. It is also in this same mesh that are made classic sweaters with round neck or V-neck. For many years, BAIE DES CAPS has provided several private or boarding schools, looking for long-lasting sweaters and excellent outfits, corresponding to the image they want to give from their school. These orders must be anticipated as early as April prior to the September school year, and are manufactured exclusively according to the volumes communicated, completed according to the schools by a stable or embroidered logo.

Our advice to maintain the round neck sea sweaters of your children

Because an accident quickly happened and it would be a shame to damage his sweaters, here are some tips, which we hope will allow your sweater to resist storms. All these sweaters are made of 50% merino wool, so we recommend a machine wash at 30° in wool program with a maximum winding of 800 turns. To dry it, put it on a flat and non-burning surface so as not to distort it. Don’t put it in the dryer, even if you’re in a hurry and you need it absolutely to get out. In the best case it will have narrowed down and the little brother or little sister will be able to wear it in the worst case it will no longer be disposable.