Pulls Made in Brittany, sustainable and ethical

Since 1986, Baie des Caps creates and knits real sea sweaters carefully to dress the largest number of us. All our products are Made in France and are made in our production workshop located in Ploubalay by the sea (22). The workshop Baie des Caps is a true laboratory where the passion for the creation, authenticity of a marine culture and the ambition of well done work is mixed.

Our three pillars:







We associate the nobility of our raw material (laine) with the wealth of our know-how to produce exceptional pieces that can be worn for many years. Finally, human and respect for our resources is a fundamental axis of Baie des Caps. This is why our products are made to last, we recycle the falls to give them a new life and we entrust to an ESAT the final embroidery for uniform sweaters, or scarves and hats to the effigy of an entity.

The whole team Baie des Caps wishes you a beautiful adventure!

illustration usine