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1. The Timeless Heritage of the Sailor sweater Breton

The sailor sweater, witness of a distant era, tells us a rich history of traditions, maritime adventures and family heritages. This garment, which found its roots in the 18th century, served as an ally to the sailors in the face of the icy winds and the salty clutches of the oceans. Over the centuries, its design has evolved, notably with the addition of a buttonhole on the shoulder, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Today, this jewel in our collection invites every child to slip into the skin of a browser, landing for an imaginary journey rich in discoveries.

2. Diversity and Quality: The Perfect Collection for Young Mussels

With a palette of colours ranging from taupe-beige to fushia-beige, to bold mixtures such as marine-red blue, our collection offers an unmatched diversity. For purists, our united sweaters complement the range with shades such as soft sky blue or intense red. All made with 50% merino wool, they promise warmth and softness. In addition, the trucker sweater, adapted from the adult model, with its protective zipped collar is the ideal companion for winter exits. And, to perfect the whole, let's not forget the matching cups, true cherry on the cake for our mussaillons.

3. Taking Care of His Heritage: The Care of Marin Pullers

In order to preserve the quality, softness and splendor of these treasures, adequate maintenance is imperative. Whether by hand washing or cold machine with a delicate cycle, or by drying them flat or suspended, each step counts. For more details, we invite everyone to refer to the advice on our site. And in case of doubts, our dedicated team is always available to ensure that each sailor sweater remains a faithful companion.

4. Eco-responsible Vision and Sustainability Commitment

Aware of the growing environmental impact of our modern world, we are firmly committed to an eco-responsible approach. Our merino wool is soured ethically, guaranteeing not only incomparable comfort for our children, but also the tranquility of mind of parents. This initiative reflects our desire to combine quality, durability and responsibility, ensuring that every garment can cross generations.

5. Made in France : Synonym of Quality and Accessibility

We are particularly proud of our French heritage. Each sailor sweater for children is the result of a delicate balance between excellence and accessibility, reflecting our commitment to quality while being aware of contemporary economic challenges. Made in France, for us, is not simply a label, it is a promise of excellence, authenticity and sharing.