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Sea sweaters for children made in Brittany

Baie des Cap has everything it takes to keep your children warm with clothes bretons from 2 years to 14 years. Our progeny often pays attention to their appearance, which is why Baie des Caps factories 100% Made in France specially designed for them.

Quality marine sweaters for your children

Nos sea sweaters for children are carefully handmade in France, we use raw materials (merino wool) that have the quality of being solid and breathable. In particular, you can keep these sweaters for a long time since they don’t boulocate, they are hot and very resistant. So, one sailor sweater purchased for one of your children can very well dress a whole fratrie warmly in succession.

The sailor sweater authentic for children

For them to be warm in the playground, the traditional sailor sweater perfect. With a buttonhole on the shoulder, a tight, flexible and elastic mesh, your boys and girls will be at ease to move with freedom. It is available in 50% wool with different colors, it is also available in marinière version. These sweaters are very soft to wear!

Wool hood vests for sports children

For a more sporty and urban version, we have hooded wool vests (50%). Very soft and comfortable, these hoodies “revisit” thanks to their wool composition, have a central zip and side pockets. For girls there is also a 3-button vest with side pockets in fine knit cotton.

Sea sweaters for children with round neck or V-neck

There is also a simplified version of the traditional sailor sweater with version neck sweater. The composition remains the same with a sweater in 50% wool, this sweater can be very easily worn with a shirt, polo or even a shirt. These sweaters can be easily worn in everyday life.

For an upward and very protective version, we have the model trucker puller available from 2 years to 14 years made in 50% merino wool.

The benefits of wool for children

Wool is a natural material that has many benefits for children. Here are some examples of the benefits of wool for children:

  1. The wool is breathable: it allows the skin to breathe and not sweat, which can be particularly appreciable for children who tend to sweat easily and who cannot afford to use products containing alcohol or too irritating to the skin.
  2. The wool is insulating: it allows to maintain the body's heat and to protect against changes in temperature, which can be useful for children who play outside in cold weather and who keep going home and out.
  3. Wool is hypoallergenic: it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than other synthetic materials, which can be particularly convenient for children who are allergic to allergies.
  4. Wool is durable: it is wear-resistant and can last long, which can be useful for children's clothing that grow quickly. (Warning wash mode)
  5. Wool is biodegradable: it can be easily biodegraded, which can be beneficial to the environment and will raise your child's younger ages

In summary, wool is a natural material that has many advantages for children, especially in terms of breathability, insulation, hypoallergenicity, durability and biodegradability.

How to make the wool sweater not scratch children

There are several things you can do to avoid that wool sweaters scratch children:

  1. Choose quality wool: quality wool is generally softer and less likely to scratch the skin. You can also try to choose Merino wool which is a very soft and comfortable wool.
  2. Wash the wool sweaters before wearing them: wool can be a bit stiff to the touch when new, but it becomes softer and comfortable after being washed. You can wash the wool sweaters by hand with warm water and a soft detergent, then rinse them carefully and dry them flat. However, be careful to check and unpack your product before putting it in a machine.
  3. Carry cotton underwear under the wool sweaters: cotton is soft and comfortable to wear, which can help prevent wool from scratching the skin.
  4. Choose mixed wool sweaters: wool blended with other materials, such as cotton or polyester, can be softer and less likely to scratch the skin. Home Baie des Caps our woolly mixed acrylic sweaters are made for more sensitive skin.

Products for girls and boys:

For girls, we offer a selection of soft and comfortable wool sweaters, which can be worn in any season. We also have a range of wool vests, perfect to add a heat layer when the weather cools.

For boys, we have a selection of hot and robust wool sweaters, which are ideal for outdoor activities. We also have a range of wool vests, ideal for adding a layer of heat without weighing.

All our wool products are made in France from quality wool, such as Merino wool, and are carefully selected for their softness and comfort. Our goal is to make the made in France accessible and that even for the youngest.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our range of wool products for girls and boys. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find the wool products that best suit your needs.

The maintenance guide:

The laundry : Use "special delicate textiles" laundry to protect animal fibres (whew). Think of washing your garment upside down.

50% merino wool, 50% acrylic or 50% cotton :

-Machine wash 30° wool programme

-Wood at least (800 laps)

-Drying on a flat and non-burning surface.

-No dry clothes

A 100% wool creation :

-Machine wash cold water program wool

-Wood at least (800 laps)

-Drying on a flat surface and not burning

-No dry clothes

Ironing :

Remain only if necessary. Use a steam iron but don't touch the wool at the risk of leaving marks. And iron the garment upside down.