• Illustration my .ai card sweater
Illustration my .ai card sweater

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Give yourself the luxury of a sweater that looks like you. Create your sweater today with Baie des Caps.

10 days before delivery for product design.

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Discover our exceptional service of pulling creation, where tradition meets individuality. Home Baie des Caps, we offer you the possibility to give life to your vision of elegance by designing your perfect sweater, entirely to your image.

Why choose My Pull to the Card ?

Create Your Unique Puller: Express your personal style by choosing from a wide range of colors, collars, and cuts to design a sweater that truly reflects your individuality.

The Traditional Quality Made in France: Thanks to our know-how, ensuring exceptional quality and unmatched comfort.

Simple and intuitive process: Our user-friendly platform guides you through every step of the creation process, from the choice of materials to the customization of details, for a smooth and pleasant design experience.

The Art of the Marine Couture: Our master craftspeople put their know-how at the service of your vision, creating in hand unique pieces that combine timeless elegance and modernity.

How does it work?

Select your base: start by choosing your type (man, woman, or child) then your cut.

Customize each detail: Now you are free to create the sweater in your image by choosing the composition of the material, but also its color. Watch out! Some colors are only available in a precise composition. It's up to you to find the perfect mix and match. The detail that makes the difference, chooses the collar among the different models.

Receive your masterpiece: Delivered directly to your home in 2 weeks, ready to be worn and to inspire admiration.

Give yourself the luxury of a sweater that looks like you. Create your sweater today with Baie des Caps.

Nos pulls en coton/acrylique demandent un entretien facile: lavage en machine à 30 degrés. Pas de sèche linge.
My Pull to the Card
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