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V-neck wool sweater for men

If you are not a follower sailor sweater, we have in our shop and on our website v-neck wool sweaters more classic. These V-neck sweaters are handmade by our employees who follow the same manufacturing process since 1986.

Several colors, several sizes and a manufacture in pure wool or 50% merino wool, our large collection of wool sweater collar man allows you to choose a model that suits you perfectly and will adapt to your favourite outfits.

Our V-neck sweaters are designed in France, in our workshop in Beausse-sur-Mer. They are knitted with thick or thin and tightened mesh, which allows you to choose a warm, durable and comfortable man V neck sweater.

The different V-neck sweaters for men

In order to best meet your expectations and feel good in our sweaters, we offer two cuts for the v-neck wool sweaters: one comfort fit characterised by a loose sweater and released so that you may be comfortable in all situations, and vice versa slim fite that is closer to the body that will give a chic look to your outfit.

With regard to the material used to make our men's V-neck sweaters, you will have the choice between 100% wool or of 50% merino wool.
One v-neck sweater in wool will offer you warmth and softness and will be ideal for cool times. You will enjoy a comfortable and durable sweater that will accompany you for long years.

Men's V-neck sweater: Which cut?

The comfort fit de our V-neck wool sweaters is perfect for your adventures by the sea. Because we also want to participate in this adventure, we offer you two sweaters that will be perfect for you and your escapades. The Hélice sweater and the Faouët sweater that are both available from the size XS to 3XL.

The v-neck sweater is available in black, navy blue, red, anthracite and jeans.

The v-neck sweater is available in 4 colors: brown, black, jean and anthracite.

These V-neck sweaters in wool, although classic, will remind you of the ocean and allow you to escape the time of a moment on the Breton coasts.

The slim fite of our V-neck sweaters, closer to the body, is perfect for your galant rendezvous or for seaside rides to see the sunset with the lady. In order to seduce as many people as possible, our pull the little propeller is available in 4 colors (red, black, jean and sky blue), which will allow you to find the man V neck sweater that will please you and in which you will feel well.

V-neck sweaters for all situations

No matter the adventure in which you embark, our v-neck wool sweaters will be able to accompany you and withstand all the trials thanks to the quality of their raw material. But also thanks to our employees who check at each stage of manufacturing that the sweater does not present any defects and that it is set to follow you, no matter what your destination...This allows us to offer you products that are close to perfection and for which we are proud.

 So don’t be afraid and start!

How to wear a man V-neck wool sweater?

Baie des Caps offers you some tips for wear your V-neck sweater in wool

For a casual and modern look, put your V-neck sweater on top of a t-shirt. For the look to be successful, choose a round neck t-shirt with a clearer color than the sweater.

Want a trendy look? So the shirt below the V neck sweater is a must. We advise you to choose a buttoned collar shirt. For a more chic and mastered look, the totally buttoned shirt will be perfect. If you prefer a more casual style, leave the last button on the open shirt.

How to maintain your V-neck sweater in wool?

To avoid your v-neck sweater in wool boiler, we recommend to wash it at 30° in wool program with a minimum winding (800 laps) for sweaters composed of 50% merino wool, 50% acrylic and 50% cotton. For your sweater 100% wool washing machine cold water program wool is advised. In order to dry your sweater, we recommend to place it on a flat surface, not burning.

The longevity of your sweater depends on the attention you bring him:

  1. Soft washing : Opt for a wash at 30° in a wool program.
  2. Wire : A gentle cycle of winding will preserve the shape of your sweater.
  3. Drying : Always flat, never suspended, to avoid any deformation.
  4. Hand wash : For 100% wool models, prefer hand wash with cold water.

Sustainability and Repair Service

A sweater Baie des Caps is not an ephemeral purchase. It's an investment in quality. This is why, in addition to guaranteeing the longevity of our products, we offer a repair service. If your sweater shows signs of wear or requires retouching, our team is here to give back to your room its ancient glory

The virtues of wool

  1. Thermoregulation : Wool has a unique capacity to maintain body temperature. It keeps you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot, which makes it an ideal choice for all seasons.
  2. Breathability : It evacuates moisture from the body, which helps to reduce sweat and odor.
  3. Self-cleaning : Wool has natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent odor from being installed.
  4. Durable and eco-friendly : Being a natural fibre, it is biodegradable and has a less environmental impact than synthetic fibres.

How to protect the wool from the mites

  1. Put your wool sweater in a dry and clean place. If possible, place it in a breathable cotton bag to protect it.
  2. Lavender or cedar bags can be placed near your wool clothing to naturally push the mites.
  3. Avoid using chemicals, as they can damage wool fiber.

How to Access Your Col V Wool Puller

The V-neck sweater, thanks to its timeless elegance, offers a multitude of stylish possibilities. For a professional look, marry it with a buttoned collar shirt of light color, the collar slightly visible for a chic and structured effect. For more casual occasions, slip over a neutral colour t-shirt. The lighter shades under a dark sweater will create a nice contrast. For a more sophisticated touch, combine your sweater with a chino pants or a well-cut jeans, and finish your look with mocassins or derby shoes. Don't forget that the V neck puts forward the neck and chest, so don't hesitate to wear a necklace or a discreet chain for a small personal touch.

Our Col V Range: Lightness and Sustainability

The beauty of the wool lies in its versatility. TO Baie des Caps, we recognized the need to propose something that captures this essence while remaining practical for warmer periods. Our range of V-neck wool sweaters is the result of this desire: light but resistant sweaters, designed for spring mornings in the office or summer evenings a little fresh. They are compact enough to be thrown over the shoulders or tied around the waist, always ready to offer you this soft heat when needed. More than just a garment, it is an elegant transition between seasons, an affirmation that style and comfort can, and must, coexist.

Respect for tradition

Since our creation, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with the highest quality clothing. This means a rigorous selection of materials, an unwavering attention to detail, and a commitment to perpetuate techniques tested by time

The tight knit technique we use, inherited from sea sweaters, ensures not only exceptional quality, but also robustness adapted to urban life as well as the challenges of marine elements.

Behind every sweater there's a story. A story of passionate artisans who, day after day, combine their know-how with cutting-edge technology to give life to exceptional clothing

Although our creations are adapted to life in the city, they keep the soul and the spirit of the broad. This unique combination of urban elegance and marine robustness distinguishes Baie des Caps other brands.

If you have questions about the size or maintenance of our v-neck wool sweaters , do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to help you in your quest for adventure. In addition, for those who are pressed, our products are delivered within 48 hours by Colissimo and 24 hours for Chronopost.