Round neck sweater FAOUET blue king - 50% wool comfort fit

Round neck sweater FAOUET blue king - 50% wool comfort fit

This is a model that brings shine! This FAOUET round neck sweater is a great classic that will accompany you everywhere.

In 50% virgin wool, this thick knit sweater is a safe value.

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DETAILS Sailor sweater

Round collar. Ribs down the sleeves and waist. The comfort fit and the rib edge tightened to the size siera very well to the different morphologies.

Colour : Blue king

MATIERE Sailor sweater

The mesh side 1x1 of this pull brings elasticity and durability. The composition 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic of this sweater will keep you warm while allowing you to breathe. Like all our sea sweaters Baie des Caps, we knit this FAOUET model with a tightened mesh, which makes it warm and robust.

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Our creations come from a unique know-how that has been transmitted over the years for more than 30 years. All our products are handmade in our workshop in Ploubalay, Beaussé-sur-Mer (22). These timeless and minimalist pieces are made according to specific quality requirements to accompany you as long as possible.


Buy at home Baie des Caps it is to make the choice to consume in a different way and thus become an actor of our approach. By buying MADE IN FRANCE you support local production and manufacturing and you make a responsible purchase.
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Our approach is to make the MADE IN FRANCE accessible to all. That is why our prices will remain competitive. We are a company with a human and family size that seeks above all to offer you responsible, sustainable, hot, authentic and quality products.
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Wool is a natural fiber taken for its heat. It is very resistant and naturally elastic, which makes it possible to adjust to all morphologies but can also resume its original form simply. It is an antistatic fiber that lets the skin breathe and absorbs perspiration while preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Wool clothing retains its flexibility and colour for several years.
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For 50% wool we advise you to wash it in 30° machine program wool with preferably a "special delicate textiles" laundry to protect animal fibres. Then take a drying to a minimum and then dry on a flat surface and not burning. Don't go to the dryer.

Homme qui porte un pull marin


The puppet was born in 1858 when the navy decided to make an official uniform to its sailors. A white sweater with 21 navy blue stripes referring to the numbers of Napoleonian naval victories won against the English. They were also intended to make sailors more visible when they went overboard and thus less complicated to spot. The sleeves of a length of 3/4, i.e. ending in the middle of the forearm allowed sailors to do any manoeuvres without being embarrassed.
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THE Sailor sweater

The sailor sweater is a local tradition that dates from the eighteenth century. Originally sorted by the companions of the Breton sailors, he was later derived and taken over everywhere in France. At first it is a work habit, essential and useful. It allows sailors, by its tight mesh, to resist the wind, the rain and the storms they could endure in the middle of the sea. In virgin wool or merino wool sailor sweater has evolved and it has become a fashion habit but it is always as qualitative.

Data sheet

50% merino wool 50% acrylic
Thick sweat in full mesh Jauge 8
50% Laine / 50% acrylique :
Lavage en machine 30° programme laine. Essorage au minimum. Mettre à sécher sur une surface plane et non brûlante. Pas de sèche linge.

100% Laine :
Lavage en machine à l'eau froide programme laine. Essorage au minimum. Mettre à sécher sur une surface plane et non brûlante. Pas de sèche linge.

Size Guide

Pull Marin Enfant

Size Longueur des manches (en cm) Hauteur du dos (en cm) Tour de taille (en cm) Tour de poitrine (en cm) Largeur des épaules (en cm)
1 year 27.5 34 28 28 23
2 years 32 40 30 30 25
3 years 34.5 43 31 31 26
4 years 36.5 44 32 32 27
6 years 40.5 47.5 34.5 34.5 29
8 years 44.5 52 36.5 36.5 31.5
5 years
10 years 48.5 56 38 38 33
12 years 52 59.5 40 40 35
14 years 55 63.5 42 42 37.5
16 years 58.5 66 45 45 39
Size 2 or S
3 months
6 months
9 months
18 months
Size 3 or M
Size 4 or L